Stop tiptoeing around the shadows. Step into the darkness and trust God.


Facing crossroads in life and making tough decisions is never easy – and with today’s tumultuous times – it has never been more difficult. Not only is the committee in your head distracting you from future possibilities – the entire world is adding pressure. Most of the time, however, what is going on in your mind has little to do with the decision you’re trying to make!

Perhaps you are dancing around the shadows, hesitant to step into the darkness? Begin a journey that creates space for mercy and grace to be revealed. Realize God’s dream for you in life by stepping out in faith.

Marie offers coaching and spiritual direction to both groups and individuals. It’s time to clear the clutter and make room to hear from God. What is your next step?  Marie is your cheerleader and inspirational coach, working with you to unravel your potential and trust.

Mandatory Mom

After successfully raising a daughter as a single parent, Marie has a special place in her heart for all moms. Motherhood is a God-given role imparted to women. But where is the manual? Once a little one arrives, this role isn’t optional. It’s mandatory. Marie shares her journey of digging through emotional baggage and self-inflicted expectations about being a mom that was real. She is an advocate for parenting with confidence and love.

Consider this unique presentation for you and your group or the opportunity for individual coaching sessions with Marie. Unravel the anxiety and fear of being good enough. In the process, create unforgettable moments for both yourself and your children.

  • Lett go of the pressure in aspiring to be the perfect mom.
    Learn how grace and freedom can create a memorable Mom journey.
    Our kids want us and need us to be real people – what does that mean?
  • The essence of creating “time for me.”


Connecting with God means being intentional about creating space. Who doesn’t like a bit of alone time, one empty of distractions and noise? Well, God wants it too, from us. It’s essential to create space to sit quietly and listen. Marie will access her spiritual foundation and creative spirit to lead you to develop ways to discover your inner gifts.

  • Solitude- how some quiet time creates a ripple effect
  • Getting Unstuck- Listening to the Voice of your vocation
  • Prayer- a Mindfulness about God
  • Prayer expressed through creativity


“It’s more than just me. It’s about us, about we. That is where hope begins.”

Who doesn’t need a little HOPE right now? Things don’t always make sense, but we cannot let fear rob us of faith or shake away our peace.

We are created to connect and share. Being of service to others comes from the heart. Random acts of kindness are unexpected and simple, showing care and concern towards others.

Heart Hope Connection is an example of spreading hope and unity throughout the world.

Heart, Hope Connection started with the desire to stay connected and spread a bit of hope in the midst of COVID. Today, the uncertainty remains – and we still NEED Hope.

We created pairs of wooden hearts. One heart you keep and the other you give away. It is a tangible reminder that we were not alone  -we are all in this life together!

Will you spread hope by purchasing a Hope Heart Kit?

Let’s start a chain reaction of hope, love, and connection!

A portion of each purchase is donated to a nonprofit – like current recipient Bare Necessities

A portion of each purchase is donated to a nonprofit – like current recipient Bare Necessities

This non-profit on the Connecticut shoreline provides diapers and wipes to those in need through local food pantries and community service organizations.  Helping families with basic human essentials is their mission.


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Marie has a terrific ability to inspire and mobilize people to action. Her understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit sets her motivational ministry apart from others because what she imparts is practical, doable and based on Truth.
Steward K. Farley, Senior Pastor
Rhema Christian Center, Lewisburg, WV

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