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Have you ever felt like you were off balance? As if things were weighted too heavily to one side? Surely, we’ve all felt this when we carried a mispacked box, wrestled with unruly grocery bags or dragged an unwieldy object up (or down!) a staircase.

But the same shaky feeling can happen to us when one (or more) of the three essential components that comprise our being – our mind, our body, and our spirit – are off balance.

As a coach, I’ve sometimes had clients come to me and say that all they need to work on is their body, not realizing that their mindset has a huge impact on the physical – everything from what they eat to how they are programmed to approach fitness. Likewise, they may come to me saying that they need to nurture their spiritual side, but they are not actively engaging their minds, which leaves them feeling as if they don’t understand their spiritually on a deep intellectual level that will help fuel their faith.

In reality, the three cannot be separated. We need a healthy mind for our brains to be active and productive. A healthy body recreates – which to me means not only being active and having fun, but activity that literally re-creates ourselves in how we move. Spiritually and emotionally, we need to have balance in our lives and be grounded in the things that matter to us – whatever those may be.

When we place these three essential parts of who we are in silos and focus on just one, it may bring results in one avenue, in the short term. However, focusing on one to the exclusion of the others gives the other two the proverbial short end of the stick, and eventually the whole breaks down.

To go for the obvious example, a healthy diet can’t be maintained over the long term if you view today’s food choices as a punishment for a previously unhealthy lifestyle. You might lose an initial 20 pounds quickly, but you won’t be able to keep the weight off if you revert to old habits and don’t change your mindset to embrace healthier eating choices. The same is true of any other change – whether it’s using your talents to forge ahead intellectually in your career but sacrificing your family life in the process, or embracing a more empathetic attitude that doesn’t leave room for intellectual discernment or healthy boundary setting.

My philosophy in coaching has always been that we humans have to embrace and work on all three aspects of our being in order to maintain optimal wellness. Doing so gives us stabilizing factors that help keep us in balance – physically, intellectually and spiritually. Maintaining that balance is very doable – once you are focused on it, it’s easier than it appears. I can’t wait to help you discover how!

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