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Marie has spent over 30 years leading teams, business and clients down the road that was paved just for them. She has the amazing ability to unveil the strengths of others, and mentor them towards an even better version of themselves.  Exceptional results, dedication and commitment comes when we are in the right place, at the right time, doing what we love.

Mentoring and leadership

Marie knows how to get you there. She’ll inquire, nudge, challenge and gently push you into a light where you may not see yourself, your team or your business. With her creative and innovative style, you’ll be guided on a refreshed approach in your business. This includes your people, your practices and your profits. Funny thing about leaders; they are learners, too! Marie’s career is a composition of an assortment of amazing opportunities. A collage of teachers, leaders and mentors that have guided and inspired and communicated that there is nowhere to go but up! The student has become the teacher (professor?) Let Marie help facilitate the process of connecting the dots for you.
  • Lead
  • Mentor
  • Motivate
Coach and mentor your next generation leaders. Do you know who they are? Find the diamond in the rough.

For You

Three of the hardest words you will ever utter are “I need help”. Don’t we all and yet so many times we are afraid to ask for help. This is especially true when it comes to taking care of ourselves; mind, body and spirit.

Working with the whole person

Working with the whole person is the key to feeling our best. It’s not just about food, or the stress or the motivation to move. It’s a careful combination. It’s a recipe. No silos. No cookie cutter approach. It’s about looking at the entire picture. As we You need someone to help you put all those pieces together. You need to be met right where you are in order to begin a bit of transformation. No pressure, rigid rules and deprivation. From there changes can happen. Marie believes true success lies in knowing how to nurture the self. She will help you in taking the first step in a series of little steps which will lead you to your personal best. She will motivate and engage you from the moment you first connect. That is her true gift. Marie models the authentic, positive lifestyle she talks about. She will educate you, coach you and help you climb up each rung on your own ladder to success.

Customizable coaching

Finding Your Sweet Spot—-the place we blend feeling great with self acceptance. There is more to receiving lifestyle information that goes beyond the kitchen and the next exercise pursuit. Marie listens to your goals and then works with you to change existing self- imposed scripts, and customize programs with the whole person. Each coaching format is unique. Marie’s unique intuitive sense is combined with her extensive wellness, nutrition and healing background. will take you to a place that will only bring you a doable lifestyle approach but a sense of peace as well.


Oh food.
Wonderful food,
Marvelous food,
Glorious food…
-From the musical Oliver!
Food: We love it, we hate it, we can’t get enough of it. At one time or another, all of us can probably put ourselves in one of those groups. Marie’s years of competing as an athlete took her through every one of those categories. Adhering to the rigors of prepping, planning, and deprivation led to meals that were boring, bland and repetitive. Who wants that?! With a rich Irish/Italian heritage Marie found a way to make food enjoyable again. She takes her nutrition background and even the art of eating according to the seasons into her coaching. She loves to cook and enjoys the challenge of taking a beloved family recipe and creating a healthier version. She’ll share those simple, quick, tasty tips with you and show you just how easy it can be. She’ll teach you what it means to eat a healthy well balanced diet. You will no longer feel deprived or bored. Your body will become a comfortable place to live. You’ll be fueled with the nutrients that will give you fabulous energy. Your body is a temple. A well fed body is a finely tuned powerhouse. Who wouldn’t want THAT?!

Let’s start a chain reaction of hope, love, and connection.

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Whether Marie is training one-on-one or addressing a large group, she is thorough, organized and articulate. She is a gifted and dynamic speaker whose unmistakablepassion to empower people to live well is always evident. She has an enthusiasm forlife, health, wellness and spiritual wholeness that is contagiousand effective in motivating others to action.
Cathy Rennard, Executive Pastoral
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