Servant Leadership

We need to meet every individual where they are and unleash their inner leader.

Leaders are informed by their experiences.  Encouraging individuals to untether their limiting beliefs from scripts of the past in favor of finding new ways of living in the present, Marie inspires, educates and guides others toward a life of vitality and joy by reducing conflict and increasing cooperation.

A servant leadership approach includes:

L eading by example
E ncouraging empowerment
A uthority and persuasion versus power
D eveloping a shared vision
E ncouraging empathy and listening skills
R einforcing achievement
S elf-awareness and the importance of humility and flexibility
H ealing and conflict resolution
I nspiring trust and respect
P romoting innovation, improvement and personal growth

We may become leaders for an hour, or a day, or a lifetime. We need to meet every individual where they are and unleash their inner leader. It’s time to spark creative thinking and light that fire within. 

Servant Leadership may seem like an oxymoron.  You might ask, “How can I be a servant and a leader?

A servant leader has the same ultimate goals as any leader but focuses on helping others grow and succeed.

Servant Leadership is about a “we” rather than “me” approach. 

In a servant leadership relationship, there is a shared sense of power. Servant leaders lead from the heart helping their teams to develop their own strengths, making the overall team better and stronger.

They lead, coach and mentor with transparency and trust. It means being ready and willing to educate, train and motivate to continually develop the talents of others.

Recognition and acknowledgment of a job well done is an important and simple gesture that has a phenomenal motivational impact on individuals and teams. Giving credit where credit is due is a sign of an egoless leader that provides a generous and positive example.

Giving from the heart provides nourishment to others and depletes none of your resources. A servant leader understands that the ability to give encouragement and guidance is limitless.

I was so impressed with the way you handled the kids---you have the gift. The fact that almost of the teens did not know each other, live in different neighborhoods, come from disadvantaged backgrounds and had no dancing experience really made your accomplishment all the more incredible. The ROUTEEN performance was terrific!
Ginger Trueblood, Asst. Exec. Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas

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