Marie is a passionate presenter, with an actionable and motivating message.


If you are looking for a presenter who can bring an innovative and creative approach to a variety of audiences large and small – – Marie Mozzi teaches and motivates potential servant leaders to invest in themselves and others, finding “people power” and affecting a “shift” that happens from within.

Marie is a consummate “connector” who naturally connects with others and understands that in spite of being technologically more connected than ever we are all yearning for more real-world person-to-person connections in our personal life and work lives. She also understands that many of us are seeking a more meaningful spiritual connection and as a certified Spiritual Director she is willing and capable of speaking from a faith perspective.

Using her gift for combining storytelling and humor with activities that inspire everyone, her authenticity and warm demeanor make her a fun and memorable speaker.

Marie’s genuine heartfelt stories and entertaining activities connect personally with her audiences. Her practical approach leaves participants with actionable activities they can use right away, inspiring new ways of thinking that encourages a willingness to make positive changes in their life.

For more than 25 years speaking to young people and adults, in schools, large corporate settings, small groups and church communities, attendees say she “heals through her words.”


Marie uses her own life experiences to encourage women to harness their inner strengths by rewriting old scripts and defining their role as a “servant leader.”

She believes we all have the potential and are presented with opportunities to lead whether at home, at work or in our communities. Results driven, she provides a pathway for women who are moms, managers, executives or volunteers towards becoming effective servant leaders.

As the author of “The Joy of Servant Motherhood” Marie makes the point that mothers are their children’s first leader. She encourages moms to use this experience to model good leadership for their kids while improving their own leadership skills that that can be transferred to other aspects of their family life, work life and community life.


Marie believes in the possibilities and the potential of teens and young adults. She uses her unique background as a youth minister, high school teacher, coach, and a mom to encourage audiences of all sizes to learn to serve and to live well.

Investing in youth is the best investment we can make. Teens want to be useful and affect positive change but often do not know how. It is natural for young people to want to connect with their peers but for many this can be a dangerous journey to navigate on their own.
In his first World Youth Day event in 2023 Pope Francis spoke to the challenges of social media. He said, “The illusions of the virtual world attract us and promise happiness but later show themselves to be vain, superfluous things . . . that leave us empty inside.”

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Having the right plan is the key to long term success.

Marie’s presentations and interactive programs for young people are designed to promote meaningful real-world connections and encourage young participants to step-up and assume a leadership role applying effective lifelong servant leadership skills that they can employ within their own social group or apply to opportunities within their larger community.


As a corporate executive, Marie has operated at the highest level as a director at five-star resort spas and wellness centers nationwide. She was actively recruited by competitive organizations because she was known to inspire her organizations to higher performance and productivity levels using a servant leadership approach.

Whether it is in a workshop, retreat or day of reflection Marie shares the purpose of leading with a servant’s heart.

She will introduce your leadership team to techniques that will serve to create a more harmonious working environment that leads to improved employee retention and bottom-line productivity.

Sadly, many managers and even senior executives have had very little if any actual leadership training. And many have received outdated advice from older mentors who promoted an outmoded crack-the-whip leadership approach.

Traditional authoritarian leadership techniques do not work well generally and not at all with younger generations in particular. They want leadership that is responsive to their own needs and that provides the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed. They are not afraid to leave if they are unhappy, which leads to unnecessary increased hiring and onboarding expenses. This can be avoided with a proven effective leadership approach that serves the needs of the entire team.

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We are so grateful that Marie joined our Confirmation candidates for their final retreat this past Spring. Even weeks before the event, Marie communicated with us and tailored the evening to fit beautifully with the themes we delivered throughout the year. Marie shared stories, crafted activities, and guided reflections focused on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and left our Candidates with a powerful message to be inspired, to keep their hearts open, and to always seek the gifts God provides. What a gift she was for our candidates as they finalized their Confirmation preparation!
Andy Shea, Confirmation Coordinator
Greenbrier East H.S. Lewisburg, WV

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