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Throughout her career Marie Mozzi has been an employee, director, corporate executive and entrepreneur. She has also been an accomplished athlete, mother and wife. Each of these roles informs who she is and provides insight into challenges faced by others. She has addressed diverse groups and consults across various industries as an expert in servant leadership and creative development for the purpose of improving personal growth, increasing productivity and enhancing interpersonal communication. Her messages and trainings have inspired change in hundreds of organizations and countless personal lives.


As a corporate director Marie has developed and led a number of well recognized five star luxury resort spas and wellness centers nationwide, using a servant leadership approach to inspire people and move her organizations to higher performance and productivity levels, resulting in more harmonious workplaces while achieving significant revenue increases.

As a trainer and speaker she brings her innovative and creative approach to a variety of business challenges teaching new and potential servant leaders how to invest in “people power” to find the “shift” that will move their organization toward the success they seek.

Through her alliance with Trust Well Network, Marie provides corporate training to managers or team leaders interested in learning how to better understand the people they serve. This insight offers you the tools you need to assign your employees to the roles and tasks that suit them best.  You will see that by being attentive to their needs they will be better positioned to enthusiastically help you meet your objectives.

Young Adults

Marie uses her unique background as a youth minister, high school teacher and coach, and a mom to speak to today’s youth. She encourages audiences of all sizes to control their lives by living with purpose and power. Marie’s easygoing nature allows her to connect with young adults of all ages, stages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Whether coaching, presenting or working one-on-one, Marie’s passion for empowering young men and women is a gift.


Marie understands the special challenges faced by women, inspiring them to harness their distinctive strengths at home, at work and in their communities. Marie empowers women to assess themselves first in a kind and gentle manner. From there she mentors them to unveil their potential, revealing who they want to be both personally and professionally. Marie has facilitated women’s events, retreat weekends and keynote addresses for groups of all sizes.


Marie’s mission is to help clients improve their lives each and every day. Marie works to launch you in a new direction, personally, professionally, or spiritually. Working together, you will create YOUR vision and be coached and mentored from start to finish. Recognized for having a unique ability to inspire and mobilize people to action, Marie will serve you as a mentor and motivator who helps make your dreams attainable.


Managers today may have team members located throughout the country or even around the world. For those leading virtual teams the traditional quarterback approach is not as effective as a servant leadership approach. There is no place to huddle so it is more effective to employ a one-on-one coaching strategy.
A servant leader understands their role is to find where each team member may be struggling then work to help each person succeed by being the best they can be. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each individual allows the leader to assign each person tasks where they have the best opportunity to contribute. Building partnerships that encourage fellow team members to support each other is a servant leader strategy.

This is not your father’s leadership approach. New times call for new thinking. Marie Mozzi is on top of the trends and understands the needs of this new virtual environment.

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Whether Marie is training one-on-one or addressing a large group, she is thorough, organized and articulate. She is a gifted and dynamic speaker whose unmistakable passion to empower people to live well is always evident. She has an enthusiasm forlife, health, wellness and spiritual wholeness that is contagiousand effective in motivating others to action.
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