Marie is a passionate presenter, with a motivating and healing sense to her words.

Sharing Wisdom as a SPEAKER

Marie has spent more than 25 years inspiring audiences of all sizes through energetic, genuine presentations. From youth to adults, in large corporate settings, small groups and church communities, attendees say she “heals through her words.” Her ability to connect and genuine delivery of heartfelt stories and information inspires new ways of thinking and a willingness to change. She shares experiences and motivates audiences.


It’s still a reality that we need to engage differently. Marie’s virtual presentations provide the same inspiring content in a new and dynamic way. Rather than shy away from scheduling your next keynote or group presentation, consider the benefits of virtual! You can customize your topic and have flexibility regarding how and when you offer inspiration. Marie interacts and engages with her virtual audience in a dynamic fashion. The personal interaction provides a unique opportunity that might not be available at an in-person event. Take advantage of Marie’s expertise by engaging and empowering your audience to make a difference.


Marie incorporates her wisdom from her many roles in life into her presentations. As a business professional, entrepreneur, coach, wellness professional, youth minister and mom, Marie can relate to various topics. She has facilitated and provided keynote addresses, workshops and virtual events for audiences of all types and sizes.

Who should consider a presentation?

  • Business teams
  • Women and youth organizations
  • Wellness professionals
  • Teachers and students
  • Church organizations
  • Youth leadership programs

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"The impression and the positive impact Marie created for the entire school is immeasurable. Her dedication and commitment to our entire school family has provided a significant legacy. Marie is that unique and rare individual who can make a significant positive difference for every individual she comes in contact with-her enthusiasm is contagious. Personally, I know my life has been enriched by my association with Marie."
Jeff Bryant, Principal
Greenbrier East H.S. Lewisburg, WV

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