"She is a true super star in spa and wellness."

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Five years ago this beautiful lady taught me how to live healthy. (She also tortured me along the Long Island Sound, forcing me to run up and down the sand holding heavy rocks above my head. ❤) As sometimes happens in life, our paths departed and after a time I lost my way again. Just forgot how good it feels to take care of myself and let old habits and life’s many distractions take over. But after a few wake up calls, I’m almost back to where we left off and going strong. Love you dearly, Marie E. Mozzi. Thanks for being a lighthouse in my sometimes foggy sound of life. It’s a sunny day.

Starr Jaatinen

I met Marie at my first conference close to 15 years ago. I was immediately drawn to her strong presence and clear voice for raising the bar in our industry. Over the years, she has been a source of inspiration for strong leadership and results-oriented best-practices.  Her authentic voice and presence instills confidence in her teams and aligns everyone towards a better result–both financially and for the overall guest experience. She is a true superstar in spa and wellness.

Frank Pitsikalis
Founder & CEO, ResortSuite

Marie is a natural leader who can find the best in a team and bring it to the forefront.  She has an innate ability to get individuals to collaborate and collectively move toward a common goal.  Most impressively, she achieves growth for the individual team members, as well as the organization’s bottom line, whether it is for a nonprofit or for-profit business.

President & CEO, The Broadmoor

Working with Marie, both in-person and long-distance, as my coach was a real game-changer for me. Marie has such great energy and passion that she brings into her work.  She met me right where I was at with unbelievable patience.  It took meet me a week to 10 days to make some changes, but when I finally did, the results were nothing short of phenomenal. While working with Marie, the physical changes she promoted in me set the stage for big breakthroughs on every level, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Linda Rae

The impression and the positive impact Marie made on the entire school is immeasurable.  Her dedication and commitment to our entire school family has provided a significant legacy.  Marie is that unique and rare individual who can make a significant positive difference for every individual she comes in contact with. Her enthusiasm is contagious.  Personally, I know my life has been enriched by my association with Marie.

Superintendent, Greenbrier County Schools

Whether Marie’s training one on one or addressing a large group, she is thorough organized and articulate. She is a gifted and dynamic speaker whose unmistakable passion to empower people to live well is always evident. She has an enthusiasm for life, health, wellness and spiritual wholeness that is contagious and effective in motivating others to action.

Outreach Director, WV VOAD & Client

Marie’s knowledge and enthusiasm was instrumental in helping to make our team wellness program a success. Everyone who attended her sessions came away inspired and motivated. Marie has a gift for presenting information in a logical, consistent manner. More than anything else, it was evident from the beginning of our involvement in the process, that Marie truly cared about our employees. She was genuine and credible and that made all the difference in the world.

Human Resources Director, The Gel Group

When I met Marie at a weekend retreat she was facilitating a few years back, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. The event was structured for women looking for more time for themselves. We connected instantly and have collaborated ever since. She has a very genuine, heartfelt way of bringing all walks of lives together to create a sense of safety, community and connection. There are very few people in this world who have this special “gift” and Marie is one of them.


Marie is a Spirit-filled woman whose knowledge and experience is only overshadowed by her passion to share all that is within her with the people she touches. She is eloquent, with an energy and enthusiasm for life that is empowering to her audiences. Her profound desire is to surface in people the reality of who they have been created to be and she does so with an affirming love and joy.

Jay Bowes
Founder, St, Martin de Porres Academy

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"Marie has been an inspiration to me. Her rapport with me as well as other participants is exceptional. She is very caring and concerned toward participants and her encouragement brings out the best in all."
Age 70

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