I am not a golfer. But my birthday present this year from my husband was golf lessons.  Being an avid golfer himself, I knew this was a game that we could enjoy together so I was ready to embrace the unknown. I will try anything.

On my first lesson the golf pro instructed me to practice my swing and not be afraid of creating divots. He emphasized the fact that new golfers have a tendency to keep things neat and clean – or at least they believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Too often they are afraid to swing below the tee and create a hole in the turf, or a divot, as they are known in golf.  He continued by saying “don’t be afraid to swing through the ball and if you pull up part of the turf, creating a divot, just pick it up and put it back.  Give it a little stomp and then move on.”

Needless to say, I created plenty of divots.  What looked like a mess after the swing was simply rectified by following his directions; swing, fix the divot if it happens, stomp and move on.

I feel as if there are a lot of divots in life right now. Unexpected changes, disappointments and uncertainty with the environment and leadership in every aspect of life right now makes me feel like my life swing is definitely off. I know it’s important to keep swinging, every day. And I have no doubts that I am creating divots along the way. Some days my energy is low, or I question my strategy. What seemed to be secure and steady in the past; family, friends and faith, community has just been jolted. Changes in the last year and a half have forced a different approach to business and relationships and at times it’s difficult to even try to swing. Then there are times that I do swing and miss completely. And yet other times I diligently try again and create a big ole divot.

But thanks to my golf lessons, I know that I can simply pick up the clump of grass/disappointment I may be feeling and just put it back. I acknowledge how I’m feeling or the “hole” it’s made in my day or in my heart or in my mind at the time. I embrace what I am feeling.  It’s time to mend the “divot” and move on.  Figuratively, I stomp a bit on the displaced feeling or disappointment I’m experiencing.  I reset my intentions.  I move on, create a new space around me, tee up and swing again.  There’s a whole lot of game that still needs to be played.

Perhaps I will embrace this game of golf.  It looks like there are more hidden “lessons” in store for me that are on par with what we are all going through in these challenging times.

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