What’s Your Why?

I believe in gifts – and I believe that everyone has powerful gifts that are unique to them. Unfortunately, I believe that many people don’t take the time to unwrap their gifts. I help clients pull the ribbon off that precious package by asking them a simple question: What’s your why?

You’ve probably heard motivational speakers or counselors call it passion, purpose, or focus. But at its core, what we want to discover is your Why. It’s why you do what you do in this world. It’s what really matters to you. It’s what resonates at a core level.

I like to compare your Why to a book or movie title. It’s that marquee statement that gets top billing and pulls in the crowd or attracts the readers. Likewise, your why pulls people, situations and opportunities into your own life.

Once you start delving into your why, the next logical question – think of it as the subtitle to your movie or book – is what? What are you supposed to be doing? I get there with clients by asking them where and how do you find joy?

With some clients who may be having challenges uncovering where their particular gifts lie, I come at it from the opposite angle by asking them they loathe. What is it that they truly dislike doing? From there, it’s a relatively easily leap for them to realize what they do love to do – usually the opposite of what they hate. If they hate sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day, they are probably more of an extrovert who will do better out in the field surrounded by people and new challenges. If unpredictability makes them uncomfortable, perhaps their gifts lie in more logical and methodical areas.

Sometimes asking these questions can lead us into uncomfortable spaces. There are many people who are working to bring home a paycheck, but they are not doing work or participating in activities that actually brings them joy – that fulfill them. That’s why we ask questions. That’s why we explore options. That’s why we examine if you are truly living your why.

And if you’re not using your innate gifts to bring yourself and others around you joy, we can together look at ways to get you closer to doing so.

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