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Our entire being is sacred, created by God.


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Servant Leadership – A Guide to Growth

Years ago as I was deep into my management career, my twelve-year-old daughter asked me, “When are you going to work for someone normal?” Her question came on the heels of my accepting a new job as executive director of a five star luxury resort where I would soon direct a team of over 120 employees.

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I am not a golfer. But my birthday present this year from my husband was golf lessons.  Being an avid golfer himself, I knew this was a game that we could enjoy together so I was ready to embrace the unknown. I will try anything. On my first lesson the golf pro instructed me to practice my swing

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What’s Your Why?

I believe in gifts – and I believe that everyone has powerful gifts that are unique to them. Unfortunately, I believe that many people don’t take the time to unwrap their gifts. I help clients pull the ribbon off that precious package by asking them a simple question: What’s your why? You’ve probably heard motivational

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Mind, Body & Spirit

Have you ever felt like you were off balance? As if things were weighted too heavily to one side? Surely, we’ve all felt this when we carried a mispacked box, wrestled with unruly grocery bags or dragged an unwieldy object up (or down!) a staircase. But the same shaky feeling can happen to us when

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